Jar Item Number: M3.41 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Small dark blue jar with yellow and blue design. The elongated body is rounded at the shoulders and narrows towards the base. The base is a small bead with a flat bottom. The neck is slender and cylindrical leading to a round splayed rim. Two small loop handles are attached to the neck and the shoulders. The jar has a ribbed zigzag design across the body in light blue, yellow and white. There is also yellow around the rim and base. Possibly an amphorisko (ancient vessel used to contain cosmetics, oils and perfumes).

History Of Use

Used to store unguents, oil or perfume. Could also possibly be from Egypt, rather than Syria?

Specific Techniques

Vessel formed by application of molten glass over friable sand or clay core. Molten glass threads of contrasting colour were then wrapped around the vessel and in certain parts were combed up and down with a pointed instrument to create a zigzag pattern. After cooling the vessel was ground and polished. Finally the sand or clay core was removed to leave the vessel hollow.


The van Haersolte Collection

Cultural Context