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A tapering metal pin surmounted by a stylized animal head. There is a cleavage on the top of the head and a loop of cast metal at the back of the head. A mouth and nostrils are barely visible on the muzzle/beak. The metal is blackish in colour.

History Of Use

May have been used as a shawl pin. Shawl pins, called tupus in Quechua, continue to be used in some parts of Peru today.

Iconographic Meaning

The stylized head is that of a llama


Inca style, Late Horizon; 1476 -1532 C.E. The stylized llama head is frequent on Inca bronze implements like knives (Bingham). The loop suggests it may have been worn suspended, perhaps when it was not in use.

Item History

  • Made in Peru between 1476 and 1532
  • Collected between 1949 and 1966
  • Owned by Anonymous before May 4, 1981
  • Received from Anonymous (Donor) on May 4, 1981

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