Hanging Item Number: Ef400 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Top has eleven motifs framed in orange and divided by flower and leaf motif. Left to right: tree, two figures, horse and rider, flower, female, elephant-headed male, female, flower, horse and rider, two figures, tree with flowers, and six pentagonal, tasseld attachments. Two in middle have two figures plus horse and rider. Side panels have pentagonal attachments facing out and asymmetric motifs enclosed by diamond shapes and orange lines. Right panel, top down: flowers, one or pair alternating with following motifs: horse, elephant, two people, one person, and horse and rider. Left panel has similar motifs. Side flaps both have elephants. Red binding around all of lined panel. Background is green.

History Of Use

Courtyard lintel decoration hung during religious festivals, especially Divali.

Iconographic Meaning

Figures in scenes from the Krishna Liela stories. Riding his elephant is Indra, chief of minor gods. Elephant-headed god is Ganesh, remover of obstacles. Multiple-armed female is a devi, a great goddess and protector against evil.

Cultural Context

Festival; Hinduism.