Vest Item Number: 2508/3 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


A dark brown brocade vest. Vest has a short collar and overlaps at the front. The overlap attaches with loops and small metal balls, two of which are near the collar and two of which are at the side seam of the vest. On the inside flap, there is a small pocket and there are slits in the side seams. The vest is decorated with velvet (?) circles that have a floral, and geometric pattern which are arranged symmetrically on the front and the back of the vest. Lined with patterned mint green fabric.


Yapshi-Yuthok Kalon Tashi Dhondup Collection: The title Yapshi is given to all families that have a Dalai Lama born into the family, and Shape and Kalon are titles that the four lay Cabinet Ministers hold. The Yuthok family is descended from the 10th Dalai Lama, Tsultrim Gyatso. Being a Minister in the Traditional Tibetan Government, Yapshi-Yuthok Tashi Dhondup was also known as Shape or Kalon Yuthok. There is one item belonging to Kalon Yuthok that is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum: a Tibetan saddle, which he used on special occasions and during the Tibetan New Year when he would go to the Potala Palace. It was the wish of the late Mrs. Tsering Dolkar Yapshi-Yuthok that the museum display the family's heirloom textiles so that visitors could learn about Tibet's rich history and culture.