Ivory Button Item Number: E2081-0 from the National Museum of Natural History


Source of the information below: Inuvialuit Pitqusiit Inuuniarutait: Inuvialuit Living History, The MacFarlane Collection website, by the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre (ICRC), Inuvik, N.W.T., Canada (website credits here http://www.inuvialuitlivinghistory.ca/posts/12 ), entry on this artifact http://www.inuvialuitlivinghistory.ca/items/154 , retrieved 12-30-2019: A belt fastener made from a rectangular piece of ivory. Fifteen small beads are inlaid in one face. A metal eyelet attached to the other side, where it is held in place with a metal pin that runs sideways through the fastener, would have been used to attach the fastener to a belt.