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Lavishly embroidered over-doorway hanging with bold, multicoloured designs on a predominantly red background. The hanging consists of a long, narrow, horizontal, central panel to which are attached seven small, U-shaped “pennants” that are arranged side-by-side along the lower edge. The designs on the central panel are alternating flower and parrot motifs, worked in chain stitch; at the right-hand end of this panel, there is a narrow band of red cotton textile, embellished with interlacing stitch, that does not match the rest of the panel in design or colouration. The pennants are embroidered with floral motifs in chain stitch on red or black cotton textile; the designs on the pennants are very similar to one another, but differ in colouration. All edges are bound with three (sometimes four) strips of black, yellow, green and/or red cotton binding. Tassels made of bundles of cloth scraps are sewn at intervals along the top and side edges and at the bottom of each pennant. The various components of the hanging are underlined with scraps of printed cotton gauze. Loops of braided fibre are sewn on the top corners.

History Of Use

Suspended as a frieze across the top of doorways in the bride’s house to welcome guests to a wedding or other festive occasion; usually used in association with other embroidered hangings, festive clothing, jewelry and canopies to create a colourful, celebratory environment. The pennants hang down into the doorway, so that everyone who enters the home has to bow in deference to the celebrant.


Purchased by Milton and Beverly Israel while traveling in India.

Specific Techniques

chain stitch; running stitch; square chain stitch; interlacing stitch; buttonhole stitch

Cultural Context


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