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Rectangular, embroidered panel (woman's blouse-front -- unfinished) made of red cotton muslin, heavily embellished with designs worked in metallic and multicoloured threads, and combining two different styles of embroidery. In the center of one end of the panel (the top of the blouse design) is a long, narrow, vertical, dagger-shaped section embellished with closely-spaced mirrors and large, circular whorls made of coiled silver, metal-wrapped thread, laid and couched with black thread. Parts of the designs are worked in chain stitch and elongated square chain stitch. Rows of metallic whorl motifs also embellish two rectangular shoulder panels and two square panels at chest level. Black thread is used for couching the silver thread in some of the whorls, while in others, yellow thread is used, giving the illusion that the silver metallic thread is gold. Portions of the design are unfinished or incomplete. At the other end of the panel (below the waist level of the blouse-front), the designs form an apron effect, decorated with scattered, multicoloured X-shaped motifs worked in satin stitch. There is a border of temple-shaped motifs, flowers and mirrors at the 3 edges of this “apron.” There are raw edges on all 4 sides of the panel, and there is no underlining. Four glass beads (3 opalescent, 1 green) are incorporate into the design, but do not contribute to the design scheme itself.

History Of Use

This panel would have been used to construct a backless blouse.

Specific Techniques

chain stitch; laid work, couched; satin stitch; square chain stitch

Iconographic Meaning

The whorls of metallic thread on the blouse-front may be sun symbols.


Purchased by Milton and Beverly Israel while traveling in India.

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