Book Cover Item Number: 1597/1 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


A brown leather book cover, covering a bible. The cover has a beadwork design on the back consisting of a white x-shape on a blue background, and the sides are edged with blue and clear beads.


The maker, place and date made refer only to the beadwork cover. The inscription on the back of the front cover reads: "Chauwutla[?] Indian Residential Mission School, Carcrass, Yukon 1963-1964". An inscription on the first inset page reads: "Margaret Logan - Cover made by Mrs. Edith Henderson, wife of Patsy Henderson, Chief--and founder of gold in Bonanza Creek". Patsy Henderson was said to have been with a group in 1896 who were one of two claims to have discovered gold on Rabbit Creek (then renamed Bonanza Creek), that started the Yukon gold rush.