Ancestor Figure Item Number: 2815/5 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Carved wooden figure with woven sash. It has several aspects typical of a carved Yaka figure, such as an upturned nose, large prominent ears, hands clasped under chin, and legs bent into a squatting posture. The figure also has a pointed forehead, large eyes, protruding lips, and deeply bored ear holes. The scalp area narrows to a wedge shape at the outside edge and is carved with lines. Shoulders are narrow in the front, but prominent in the rear, and arms are bent with hands that have three carved fingers each. The stomach protrudes in front and buttocks are sharply angled at back. Legs are thick, with pointed knees, and feet are large and rounded. A woven sash of plant fibre surrounds the figure’s waist twice and is knotted in the front. Another sash surrounds the chest and is inserted through the wood of the upper arms.