Drawing Item Number: 2811/136 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Children's drawing on legal size off-white paper, using pencil and wax crayon. The top of the page contains an inscription that reads "Martes 18 de octubre de 1983 sociales tema hacer un dibujo como viviamos en el salvador". Below this, a green, blue, and red helicopter has been drawn. A house that appears to be burning has been drawn below the helicopter to the left side, and it appears as though the helicopter is shooting at one or more of the four human figures that have been drawn near the house. There is an oblong blue shape in the middle of the composition which may represent a river. This body of water contains a floating human figure, two fish, and a standing soldier figure in green pointing a black and blue gun at the figures near the house. A second soldier figure in green with a large brown gun has been drawn at the bottom of the composition.