Painting Item Number: Na1583 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Painting of a two-part igloo that has a chimney, a house, and two people. The igoo is made of white blocks outlined by black and is on the upper left side. Below the igloo, there are two people in white with the left person of which outlined by green while the right one of which is outlined by black. Next, to the right side, there is ahouse with an orange-red roof, a brown front with a lime green door, and a yellow side with a white window. The house is outlined by olive green and has a chimney. There is a yellow sun to the right of the igloo and above the house. From the lower left portion along the rest of the lower edge, there is a brown patch. In orange, above the house, has been painted 'Keem[?]loo' with the same writing in pencil below. The painting is on horizontally rectangular brown paper that is hinged onto a matboard backing and framed.