Figure Item Number: A7593 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Wood figure of a man in a coat with a flat hat on his head. Has oval eyes with upraised brows above, a bulbous nose, and a slightly downturned mouth. His arms are bent at the elbows so that his hands are resting just above on his thin waist from where the coat flares outward and downward to about the knees. He is wearing shoes which go slightly over the rectangular base.


Possilby a Coast Salish figure. Russell Smith suggested the style was similar to objects carved in the Blunden Harbour area, however the figure appears to be more similar in style to Coast Salish figures, e.g., the figures on a 19th C Cowichan plank drum (Chicago Field Museum #85491), an 18th C Squamish figure (British Museum #Am,Van160), and a larger Saanich effigy figure (CMC #VII G 357).