Hat Item Number: M4.54 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Multi-coloured, embroidered hat, or skull cap. The crown is slightly conical in shape and is mounted on a straight band. Dense stitchery covers the entire surface, with linear, diagonal, geometric forms arranged in interlocking diamond shapes. The stitchery is worked on several layers of wool and cotton textiles, including a layer of cheese cloth which provides a grid upon which the designs have been worked. Colours used are purple, red, dark yellow, white, green, blue, orange and tan.

History Of Use

Skull caps are worn by men and women, either alone or under a turban (for men) or a veil (for women) as everyday attire. Women frequently embroider them for commercial sale. Embroidery is done at home, then the maker goes out veiled into the marketplace to sell her work.


Collected by Harry and Audrey Hawthorn in 1930 in the then-USSR (Uzbekistan).