Container Item Number: B119 a-b from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Cylindrical container (part a) of a box of a section of bamboo that is quite plain. Container has a smaller upper portion that is of a darker orange-brown than the longer lower section that is light yellow-brown with faint incised markings of a horizontal band around near the top with a vertical zig zag. Waist hook and handle (part b) is elaborately carved in animal and floral patterns and is attached to the box with two bands of woven rattan and string. Two-pronged handle has a long bodied, crouching animal with rounded eyes, a snout, an open mouth that shows the tongue, and a short split tail. Animal is standing over an elaborate open work spiral design. Behind the animal, there is a panel with elaborate spiral designs on the back of which, there is carved a human face with a turn-wheel-like feature that has horn-like projections at either side above in between the human face and the animal.

History Of Use

For tobacco.