Robe Item Number: 1404/29 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Black silk tunic with embroidered blue and white flowers. The tunic is sewn together at the sides and shoulders, with a short unfolded stand-up collar. The tunic opens in the centre front, held together by four pairs of round metal buttons and has slits up each side. The collar is blue with several bands: white dots on red background, black dots on tan background, blue floral. Around the collar are more bands, floral on cream background, solid blue and purple, green on tan background, reach a decorative point beneath the shoulders. The bands begin again midway down the centre front of the tunic, continue along the bottom hem and midway up the sides. The bands are purple, green on tan background, floral on cream background and a thin band of solid blue. The end of each sleeve has a solid cream band that wraps inside the sleeve. The inside band has embroidery of women in a garden. There are many embroidered blue, white flowers spread over the rest of the tunic. The bands around the neck and hem and the blue, white flowers continue on the back. The inside lining is blue-green silk.