Hat Item Number: 2998/10 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


A light brown, wide-brimmed, woven grass hat. Woven strips of grass, in a herringbone pattern, have been secured in a circular pattern with white plastic threading. The grass at the outer edge of the brim is black, and the underside of the brim features two bands of pyramid design also executed in black grass. The top of the hat features a small design with three black and three light brown sectors that form a circle, held in place with white plastic threading. The chin strap is a made from a light brown strip of leather, which is fed through the sides of the hat’s crown. 24 long coloured ribbons are tied to the leather strap on the exterior of the hat’s crown. There are 6 colours of ribbons (green, white, yellow, blue, pink and purple), and four of each colour. A green ribbon secures the ribbons to the leather strap.