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Catalogue card description, Coloured mask with moveable eyes and elaborately carved stick. The mask has inlaid moveable eyes, and an articulated jaw, red lips and haliotis shell inlaid teeth. The eyebrows are prominent and painted black. The nose is fine with slightly accentuated nostrils which are painted red. Through the centre of the forehead a ridge rises to the edge of the mask. The mask has face-painting designs consisting of blue and red double U- forms across the cheeks on the chin. The catalogue card has been updated with notes on the state of the mask, the wood of the nose and lips are splitting, one eye inlay is missing, a gash on right cheek, and there is no sign of the elaborately carved stick.; Good


The mask was given a provenance of Tsimshian by Marie Mauze in November 1990. The original European tribal names and, where possible, current tribal names have both been given in separate GLT fields.; Although the mask is humanoid in appearance it has supernatural features, such as the ridge between the eyebrows and the down-turned haliotis inlaid mouth, suggesting perhaps it represents a semi-human spirit, or acknowledges the relationship between the human wearer and a spirit helper (G.Crowther).; Exhibited: Old Anthropological displays, Maudslay Gallery, CUMAA, case 21-22, until 081986. New Anthropological displays, wall case, 1990-.

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