Dreaming Graffiti Item Number: 3280/1 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Photograph printed on plexiglas, showing a large mural-like painting. Image shows two boys on the left against a backdrop of stairs and an alley, houses in the distance. On the right is a light coloured wall with a brown window at top and covered doorway below. The graffiti image is painted over the image of the wall, and shows a woman with closed eyes covering her mouth and forehead with her hands. Her hijab surrounds her face, lifting away from her head to the right and fluttering in front of her blue robe at bottom. There is Arabic text to the right of the figure. There is a curling motif in blue at the bottom.

History Of Use

This photographic reproduction was made in Vancouver for the exhibition "Traces of Words". The original of this image consists of a painting on a digital print of a photograph taken in Kabul, Afghanistan.


The text reads: "Like me (looking like me)".