Shadow Puppet Item Number: 3322/21 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Shadow puppet of the god Tung Yuo Soo Sa. Made of paper which has been cut and painted to depict the god wearing an ornate outfit of orange, red, blue and purple - the patterns are cut out. There appears to be a tiger's face on his chest. In his left hand he holds a scroll(?). He has a thick black moustache, large stern eyebrows, and thick black hair which is piled on the back of his head. Operated by three bamboo rods. Joints at the shoulders, elbows, hands, waist, and knees. '21' painted on the collar.


This set of puppets (3322/1-30) was a gift to Muriel King in 1935. "Donated in memory of our mother, Muriel Wallace Burnaby King, from Catherine Christou & Robin King."