Devil Mask Item Number: 3289/57 a-h from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Luzbel devil costume mask. Mask features a large greenish-brown devil face (part a), with sunken red and orange eyes, pointed red and white ears, and two large curled horns (parts b-c) extending out from his forehead. The face is wrapped by four snakes(?), two on each side. A small gold devil is held in his teeth, with two small removable horns (parts g-h) with each arm being bitten by a snake. Standing on the head, and extending down over the face is a winged lizard-like creature, with a skeleton seated on its back, and holding two snake tails in its teeth. The skeleton's head is removable (part b) and the wings are removable (parts c-d). Interior has handwritten message.

History Of Use

Devil masks and costumes are performed during the Christmas pastorelas in Tocuaro, Mexico.