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Sketches of bentwood bowl-shaped bracelet in pen, pencil and pencil crayon. Drawing is on sketch pad paper. Profile, overhead and bottom views of bracelet drawn in pen in the top right corner. Top left corner has a frontal 3/4 angle view of a bentwood bowl with curved sides and ends. Human face carved onto front and profile of a bird carved onto the side; coloured in bright orange and yellow, with pencil and pen. Pencil inscription below. Underneath, along the left side of the paper, there are overhead sketches of the bracelet done in pencil. In the middle of the page is a coloured, frontal 3/4 angle view of the bracelet . Bracelet has the same carved face on the front and bird profile on the side as the sketched bentwood bowl. Bracelet is coloured in bright orange and shaded with red, bright yellow, dark green and pen. Pencil marking points to the back left corner of sketched bracelet to show where the hinge would go. Along right side of page, next to the bracelet drawing, there are indecipherable numbers written in pencil. Below the numbers, in the bottom right corner, there is a rear 3/4 angle view of the bracelet done in pencil. Another pencil inscription above the rear angle of the bracelet, with indecipherable initials. Various pencil smudges and lines across the paper.


Marmie Hess had owned a gold, hinged bracelet (with four corners like a box) made by Bill Reid. The design is said to have been based on a bentwood box in the MOA collection. But at some point her bracelet was stolen, so she asked Reid to make her a new one, the same as the original. Reid must have sent her these sketches, but a new one was never made.

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