Blouse Item Number: 3314/3 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Lightly- ruched, teal-coloured women's blouse with pink bands around neck and torso. Neck band on back and front, torso band only on back. Neck band is trimmed with yellow, black, white, and neon green fabric. Torso band is trimmed with orange, white, black, yellow, dark green, dark blue, neon pink, and teal-blue fabric on the top edge. Pink torso band has a dark yellow-gold band underneath it and is trimmed with neon green, white, dark blue, and black fabric. Each blouse cuff has two lines of black, white and neon pink trim. Two teal-coloured ties on the right side of the neck opening, for securing the blouse.

History Of Use

A traditional everyday clothing item for Shipibo women.


The two blouses, 3314/2-3, were both made and worn by Olinda Silvano Inuma de Arias or Silvia Ricopa Chocano.