Hat Item Number: 3357/3 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Hat with a pointed gathered fabric top. The front of the hat is heavily embroidered with burgundy and black checkerboard design, and the back is plain burgundy fabric. The interior is lined with a light off-white fabric. On each side, a long burgundy fabric flap hangs, both heavily cross stitched in bright geometric designs, with a length of dark green and dark red cord with a flat cross-section. The left cord has a short fringe, and the right cord has a long fringe. The burgundy flaps are lined with a green fabric with oval cutouts at ear level. Attached to the hat is a black cord with a flat cross-section that is stitched to a metal loop on either side of the rim of the face, leaving a length of cord dangling on each side.


Given to the donors by a man in Jerusalem who owned several shops where he sold similar items. He said he collected the pieces himself, in the area around Jerusalem and in Jordan.