Packing Box Item Number: E7830-1 from the National Museum of Natural History


Rectangular box; no top/lid present. Card indicates this is Inuit made.E7830 is listed, but not described or analyzed, in Inuvialuit Pitqusiit Inuuniarutait: Inuvialuit Living History, The MacFarlane Collection website, by the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre (ICRC), Inuvik, N.W.T., Canada (website credits here ), entry on this artifact , retrieved 2-11-2020. General information on boxes available here: The MacFarlane collection contains a variety of wooden boxes. Boxes carved from single pieces of wood, and boxes with sides made from bent pieces of wood with bottoms pegged to them, are traditional Inuvialuit forms that were used for storing tools and other objects. Boxes with separate pieces for each side, bottom and top identified in the Smithsonian Institution's artifact catalogue as 'Packing Box Made by Esquimaux' may have been commissioned by MacFarlane for packing artifacts that were sent to the Smithsonian.