Monkey Mask Item Number: 3420/15 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Monkey mask carved of wood and painted. The mask has a sunken flat square face, with prominent brow ridge, thin pointed nose, pointed mouth with bright pink lips, small cutout triangular eyes, and pointed ears. The mask is painted with horizontal bands of solid bright pink, blue, yellow, and black. Seated monkey figure has thin curved torso with long arms that hold something in front of its face. The monkey has a pointed muzzle, with a band of bright pink painted across its eyes to its ears, and down its nose.

History Of Use

The monkey masks are used to represent anti-social behaviour and the dangers of the wilderness. The masks are performed as part of Dama festivals.

Iconographic Meaning

Mask representing the black monkey, Dege, a wicked and gluttonous spirit.