Sacred Weave Item Number: 3403/2 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Woodblock print on square, off-white paper. Close up of six dark red strands, outlined in black, woven together. Ten white, abstract designs on red strands. Designs are (from left to right, top to bottom): seven pointed star, figure inside of a circle outline, sun, four angular fish, pale yellow circle with lines curving out from it, three arrows overtop of a solid circle, large swirl, two wavy lines, circle with branch-like designs running through it, and half of a bird-like figure. Embossed leaf on a square in the bottom right corner of paper. Beneath the design are the edition number, 33/50, title, artist signature and year. All are handwritten in pencil. "43" and date are written upside on back of print, in the top right corner. Both handwritten in pencil.