Hat Item Number: 3446/2 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Multi-coloured, embroidered, pillbox style cap. Three bands of designs along the sides. Top and bottom bands are black with crosshatching designs overtop. Small section of diagonal lines at front of bands. Middle band made up of checkerboard pattern broken up by two small sections with separate designs. Small square section towards front of cap has a bird-like figure inside it. Figure done in neon green, background is neon blue. To right of square is a small rectangular section with an abstract design inside it. Design done in blue-grey, orange and white. Top of cap has beige centre with a small knob. Vertical bands with assortment of crosshatching, diagonal lines and triangle designs overtop surround beige centre. Colours used for all design elements are: green, yellow, blue-grey, dark red, neon blue, neon green, orange, white, black and red. Interior of cap lined with light blue cotton.


Acquired in Nigeria during the years 1975-76, when the donor’s father was teaching at the Benin Technical College, in Benin City, Nigeria. The whole family was there for two years, while his father worked under the auspices of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).