Tile Item Number: 3401/33 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Square ceramic tile with floral motif carved in relief on front. Surface is glazed. Background painted dark green. Central design of a dark purple-brown flower on a long, thin olive green stem. Two half flowers on either side of central flower, on the edges of tile. Both are dark-purple brown, on thin olive green stems, and have wider petals than the central flower. All three flowers are connected along the bottom edge of the tile with olive green vines. Raised grid on back of tile. Inscriptions on back.

Iconographic Meaning

Art nouveau design.

Specific Techniques

Tile was manufactured by dust-pressing, a technique that uses clay milled to a fine powder with low moisture content, then pressed in a die at high pressure. The design was created from a relief in die, creating the raised edges and depressions. Glaze was hand-painted and allowed to pool in the embossing creating the shade variation.

Cultural Context

Wall tile.