Thorn Carving Item Number: 3446/4 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Thorn carving depicting a group of people at a market. Figures adhered to rectangular particle board base. Figures are wearing various outfits including dresses, hats, pants, skirts and short sleeved shirts. Four women have babies strapped to their waists. There are two rows of three tables in the scene, each with a vendor and customer. All vendors are sitting on cylindrical stools. Three vendors are selling food, one is selling pottery, one is selling textiles and one is selling(?) combs. The textile vendor has a sewing machine and is in the process of making a white and blue striped cotton cloth. The comb vendor(?) is brushing the hair of a kneeling figure. There is a small bowl to the right of them. Base, figure outfits, five vendor tables tops and half of the food are light yellow-brown. Figures, stools, pots, sewing machine, one table top, all table bases, combs, bowl and half of food are dark brown. Donor initials on base.


Acquired in Nigeria during the years 1975-76, when the donor’s father was teaching at the Benin Technical College, in Benin City, Nigeria. The whole family was there for two years, while his father worked under the auspices of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).