Shawl Item Number: 1472/4 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Man or woman’s rectangular, block-printed shawl, with black geometric patterns on an off-white background. Borders at each end contain circular and striped geometric motifs. A center rectangular panel contains repeated diamond-shaped, stylized floral patterns. Several border patterns frame the central panel on the sides. Strips of black cotton textile (4.3 cm wide) are hand-sewn at each end.

History Of Use

Used as a shawl, but could also be used as a bed cover.

Specific Techniques

This textile is printed using a lime resist, prepared from a mixture of two parts lime to one part gum from the babul tree (Acacia nilotica indica), with the addition of additives to enhance the texture and impermeability. This method is used when only one colour is to be applied.


Razia Ahmed bought this textile from a dealer in Karachi. Black and white chaddars, printed with lime resist, are no longer being made; the printers that used to print them are now printing ajraks.