Bow Item Number: 3194/27 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Bow. Back is straight, with gentle curving of each limb. Belly is painted orange, back is covered with striped green snakeskin, and tips are covered in leather. Where limbs start to curve, bow is wrapped with strands of glass beads in pink, blue, green and yellow. The grip is covered with hide and cotton. String is made of twisted sinew, attached to each end of the bow by a tied off loop.


Robert Gale's grandfather (Gervase Edward Gale) was a missionary and principal of St. Paul's School at Cardston, Alberta, on the Blood Reserve, c. 1904-1910. His grandmother, Hattie May is said to have collected the Blood (Kainai) objects in MOA accessions 3194 and 3239.