Rattle Basket Item Number: 3207/4 a-b from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Rattle basket. Small basket has a recessed base decorated with encircling lines of green, from which rises a short straight wall. Weave is fine, with two lines of imbricated designs either side of midpoint consisting of stepped lines in faded shades of tan. Interior has corresponding lines of dark blue-grey and red. Lid fits over mouth of basket and is concave at centre with a large, squat finial. Design is of encircling lines of triangles and rectangles in light tan and orange. Set inside lid under the finial is a chamber containing material that rattles (likely beads?). Encirclilng rings of blue-grey and red decorate the underside of the lid.


Purchased by the donor from Ed Meade in Campbell River in 1975. Meade said he purchased it as part of a collection from a Mrs. MacFarlane in 1936. Apparently there used to be a note in the basket that said it was from Hoonah, Alaska.