Ancestor Figure Item Number: 3308/3 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Glazed ceramic ancestor figure. Figure has a conical body with two holes where arms should be. Each arm hole has stamped triangles encircling it. The figure's head is shield-like and convex and attached at the tapered point of the body. The face is decorated with stamped facial features and a built up long rectangular nose. Tied to the head is a headdress made of woven white with red ghost net, with a single white and brown feather extending from the top. The figure wears a skirt with fringe knotted at the waistband. The skirt alternates between natural yellow-brown fibres, red fibres, and white net fibres. Around the waist and neck are two ceramic ornaments strung on twisted fibres. Within the body hang three light yellow glass skulls that are visible through the armholes. The artist's initials are carved into the figure's neck, and behind both the chest and waist ornaments - 'JKT'.