Tile Item Number: 3401/25 from the MOA: University of British Columbia


Square ceramic tile painted yellow-brown with dark brown design overtop. Surface and sides are glazed. Two plain lines around all edges. Central design of a large hibiscus flower. Raised grid across entire back of tile. Inscription on back with manufacturer's name, Minton Hollins.

Iconographic Meaning

Could be a type of Cucurbitaceae, also known as the gourd family, depicted flowering. Gourd trees are sometimes a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

Specific Techniques

Tile was manufactured by dust-pressing, a technique that uses clay milled to a fine powder with low moisture content, then pressed in a die at high pressure. The design was transfer-printed, a technique in which an image from an engraved plate is transferred to a tile, usually, requiring transfer paper to be run through a printing press with the engraved plate to pick up the ink, the design from the transfer paper could then be rubbed onto the tile.

Cultural Context

Wall tile.