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Mintons was a major ceramics company in Staffordshire from 1793 to 1968. The firm began in 1793 when Thomas Minton (1765–1836) founded his pottery factory in Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England as "Thomas Minton and Sons", producing earthenware. He formed a partnership, Minton & Poulson, c. 1796, with Joseph Poulson. When Poulson died (1808), Minton carried on alone, using Poulson's pottery for china production until 1816 (in 1824 he built a new one). In addition to vessels and sculpture, they were a leading manufacturer of tiles and other architectural ceramics. Mintons used a variety of company and trading names over the years: Mintons; Minton China Works; Minton & Co.; Minton Hollins & Co.; Mintons Ltd. (Information from Wikipedia.)

Born: 1793
Died: 1968