The RRN API exposes the data contained within the RRN in a structured way for use by developers. Please feel free to email if you have any feedback about the API. We'd love to know how you're using the RRN API, send us an email and let us know!

Search API

A page of items can be retrieved in an XML or JSON representation by appending .xml or .json to the end of the path. or

Any search that can be done using the faceted search tools can also be represented as XML (or JSON) using the same approach. mask, culture Haida

NOTE: Route-globbed search urls are no longer supported. Please update your links accordingly.

/items/type-mask/culture-Haida becomes /items?filters=type mask, culture Haida


The page of results that is returned. The default is 1.
The number of results that are returned. The maximum is 100 and the default is 10.

Item Record API

XML and JSON representations of a single item can be returned in a similar manner. or

Autocompletion API

Returns a JSON array of autocompleted search queries. The API will try to autocomplete the last tag provided. Results are returned sorted by number of results.

The results can be limited to a single facet by adding that facet param to the query. m

Results are also limited based on the complete search clauses in the query string. Haida, type m

Result Format

The facet of the autocompleted tag (e.g. type, made of, held at).
The text that should be displayed to the user.
The search query that should be executed if the user selects this result.
The number of search results that will be returned by this search query.
Any complete boolean clauses in the autocompleted facet (e.g. the prefix for "made of wood and m" would be "wood and ").

Tag Cloud API

Returns a JSON array of tags for a particular facet. Results are returned in alphabetical order.

The tags can be limited by providing a search query. mask


The facet to return tags for. The filter_type for a particular facet can be found by inspecting the data-filter-type HTML attribute of that tag cloud on the RRN.

Result Format

The text that should be displayed to the user.
The number of search results that will be returned by this search query.

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Application Gallery

The following is a list of projects which make use of the RRN's API. Please email us at if you would like to add your site to the list.

Inuvialuit Pitqusiit Inuuniarutait: Inuvialuit Living History

This project is focused on a little-known collection of objects housed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Called the MacFarlane Collection after the Hudson’s Bay trader who assembled the objects, the collection includes nearly 5000 natural history specimens, such as birds’ eggs and animal skeletons, and an additional 300 cultural objects collected from Anderson River Inuvialuit in the 1860s.

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