The creation of the RRN would not have been possible without the contributions of community members, partner institutions and other users of the RRN who took the time to comment and guide our work.

The RRN Steering group members were: Leona Sparrow (Musqueam Indian Band), Andrea Sanborn (U’mista Cultural Society), Dave Schaepe (Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre), and Susan Rowley (University of British Columbia).

The community liaison researchers and RRN staff on the project were: Frank Andrew (Stó:lō), Jody Felix (Musqueam), David Houghton (U'mista), Lillian Hunt (U'mista), Lawrence Isaac (U'mista), Herb Joe jr. (Stó:lō), Wendy Ritchie (Stó:lō), June Sparrow (Musqueam), Terry Point (Musqueam), William Wasden Jr. (U'mista), Percy Williams (U'mista), Herman Bruce (U'mista), Charlene Point (Stó:lō), Darwin Douglas (Stó:lō), Ulrike Radermacher, Sharon Fortney, Sivia Sadofsky, Tristan Goffman, Hannah Turner, Jamie Cooper, Joanne Kienholz, Astrid Knight, Taylor Lavallee, and Robyn Putnam.

The partner institution representatives were: Karen Estrin, Carl Hogsden, Anita Herle, Laura Peers, Carrie Beauchamp, Corri MacEwen, Guislaine Lemay, Gerald Conaty, Andrea Laforet, Brian Porter, Ken Lister, Martha Black, Barry Landua, Peter Whiteley, Robin Wright, Carolyn McClellan, DucPhong Ngyuyen, Haas Ezzet, and Stephanie Poisson.

Special thanks for consistent support go to Kate Hennessy, Sonny McHalsie (SRRMC), Jens Haeusser, Chief Bill Cranmer (U'mista), Jordan Wilson (Musqueam), Ann Stevenson, Patricia Shaw, Larry Grant (Musqueam), Tia Halstad (SRRMC), Tracey Joe (SRRMC), Jason Woolman, Krista Bergstrom, Nancy Bruegeman, Carol Mayer, Karen Duffek, Bill McLennan, and Michael Blake.

Funding for this project came from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund, Canadian Heritage, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Vancouver Foundation, Yosef Wosk, Young Canada Works, the University of British Columbia, and the UBC Faculty of Arts.

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