Getting Started: Finding Items

Learn how to perform a simple search on the RRN.

Exploring the Collections

Learn how to find items using the exploratory searching features of the RRN.

Using the Quick Search

Learn to search the RRN by using a text, boolean, or facet search.

Viewing Your Results

Learn about all the different ways you can view the results of your search.


Getting Started: Selecting and Saving Items

Learn how to group and save items for future research by using your Selected Items Box.

Creating a Project

Learn how to create a Project including items from the results of your search.

Project Features

Learn how to discuss your Project, organize it and share ideas with other RRN users.

Getting Started: Starting a Discussion

Learn how to use the forums to exchange ideas with other RRN members.

Discussing an Item

Learn how to talk about items and share information with other RRN users using forums.

Edit your profile

Edit your member profile on the RRN, including a short bio, a picture and keywords about yourself.

Share Knowledge about an Item

Learn how to share information and add your knowledge about items on the RRN.

Use the Learn More Links

Learn how to find out more about people, places, things and translations on the RRN.

Using the Mailbox

Learn how to send messages to other users of the RRN by using the Mailbox.