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Large feast bowl which is boat shaped and has a prow in the shape of a bird, ?eagle, and a high stern. The edges of the bowl are grooved on the inside, while the outside rim and edge is slightly notched. The eagle is stylised with an eye that is a hole bored through the wood. Fair condition. There is a crack running from the stern to the middle of the bowl - old repair consisting of two holes on either side of crack attached with string.


Exhibited: On display in James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific in Bonn (28 August 2009 - 28 February 2010), Vienna (10 May - 13 September 2010), Bern (7 October 2010 - 13 February 2011).Loaned Out: Fundacion La Caixa, from 28/09/1999, for exhibition in Barcelona (05/10/99 - 09/01/2000) and Madrid (01/02/2000 - 02/04/2000), 'Spirits of Water. Art from Alaska and British Columbia'; returned 07/04/2000. Exhibited: On loan to 'Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage', at the Anchorage Museum, Alaska, 27 March- 7 September 2015; and the Washington State Historical Museum Tacoma/Seattle 16 October- 10 January 2016

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