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Double headed rattle. The birds have thin pointed beaks, and flattened tops to their heads. The eyes are round and inlaid with haliotis. The body is globular with small projecting wings and a squared-off tail which has a faint black edge at the rear. The handle is lashed together with cherry bark. The rattle has had wood worm at some point in time.; Good condition but very fragile.


Exhibited: On display in Gifts and Discoveries, LKS Gallery between May 25 2012 and February 18 2013. Incorrectly labelled as 1922.950.Loaned Out: Fundacion La Caixa, from 28/09/1999, for exhibition in Barcelona (05/10/99 - 09/01/2000) and Madrid (01/02/2000 - 02/04/2000), 'Spirits of Water. Art from Alaska and British Columbia'; returned 07/04/2000. Exhibited: On display in James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific in Bonn (28 August 2009 - 28 February 2010), Vienna (10 May - 13 September 2010), Bern (7 October 2010 - 13 February 2011).Sarah Stones illustration (Sketchbook II:25) also appears in Force Force Art and Artefacts of the 18th Century: Objects in the Leverian Museum As Painted by Sarah Stone (1968:144).

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