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Limited edition silk screen print The Old Fisherman by William Bellis. Central image of a heron combines naturalist profile with form line designs in blue and black. According to the artist's description I named this print The Old Fisherman because in the legends and stories of Haida mythology, the blue heron often has the ability to transform himself into a human being in the form of an old, wise fisherman. Sometimes when you are being pursued and in danger he will hide you under his wing until the danger has passed and then impart you with special knowledge to help you on your journey. And also because, like the Haida people he makes his existence at the edges of the land sea and air. Signed by the artist with 58/225 (numbered edition). Condition: excellent.


See artist's biography 2001.1. This print was given to me as a gift by the artist after finalising the purchase of a raven rattle (2001.1). Bill had looked through the CUMAA catalogue of the Museum's Northwest Coast collection by Gillian Crowther and expressed his pleasure at having his work included in a important overseas collection. A copy of CUMAA's catalogue was also deposited at the Haida Gwaii Museum. (Anita Herle 2001).

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