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Part a: Overdress loom, consists of two large branch beams, warp and partly woven overdress, heddles and rod and large branch shed rod. Weaving is about two thirds black warp face and one third (on one side) design panel of horses and geometric in purple, white, orange, red, green and yellow. Part b: shed roll, part c: comb made of dark wood, flat and slightly tapered, jagged top and bottom. Part d: long slender stick for holding picked up threads, part e: pick beater made of yellow horn. Part f: flattened pointed stick for picking up threads made of dark wood and slightly curved and tapered to a point. Part g: Dark brown wood, one piece with knob handle and round shaft which is shaped to a point. Part h: dark brown wood with tapered ends, roughly rounded and smoothed. Part i: dark brown leather tie, two lengths joined through slits. Part j: leather tie but only one length and end has three slits. Part k: Grey, brown and red braid tie. Part l: Long stick. Part m: long and thick rounded bar. Part n: Grey and light brown coloured woven band with red spots. Part o: Dark and light brown tie.

History Of Use

The end bars of this loom are lashed in a horizontal position to two thicker, longer poles which lean semi-vertically against a wall. The weaver sits on the ground to work.

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