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Original CatalogNotes & References: FIFTH WHISKEY BOTTLE (BARNETT 1991: 140-141)Dates Range: 1900-1915Mark/Pattern: "..EATT.."/WASH./"..CO.INC." SCHWABACKER BROS. & CO. INC. SEATTLE/WASH./ 3/4"Modern (less than 50 years old):

Geographical Search Terms

Eastern Washington Kittitas County Middle Columbia North America Pacific Northwest Plateau Washington State Western United States

Credit Line

Courtesy of the US Bureau of Reclamation

Collection Owner

Held in trust for the US Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Columbia Area Office

Dimension Details

Original Catalog: Metric: MNA: 1 Count Details: Frag #: 1 Comp #: Original Count: 1 Burke Museum Count: 1 Burke Museum Count Notes: Specimen bag contained one photocopied page from two book pages that illustrated 10 glass alcohol bottle images on the left, and the explanations for each bottle on the right side of the page, with 1 bottle and 1 explanation circled in red pen (the assumption being that the circled bottle was the bottle to which the specimen belonged). I removed this page (for long-term curation concerns), made a photocopy of it on acid-free paper, and placed the folded copy in a plastic bag inside the specimen bag. The original document has been relocated to a folder titled "Miscellaneous Site Information" in the associated documentation housed at the Burke Museum, Room 29A.

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