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FROM CARD: "ILLUS. IN USNM AR, 1888; PL. 40, FIG. 203; P. 316 ALSO Pl. 41, FIG. 217; P. 318. LOAN: R. H. LOWIE MUSEUM, DEC. 31, 1964. LOAN RETURNED FEB 15 1966. LOANED TO THE WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART ON SEPT. 10, 1971. RETURNED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY 2-9-72. LOANED RENWICK GAL. 11-7-73."FROM CARD: "20856. FROM: PAGE 59, BOXES AND BOWLS CATALOG; RENWICK GALLERY; SMITHSONIAN PRESS; 1974. OBJECT ILLUS. ON SAME PAGE. 42. CARVED BOWL HORN, CARVED IN RELIEF; INLAID WITH ABALONE SHELL LENGTH: 8 1/4 ALASKA. COLLECTED BY JAMES G. SWAN., JUNE 30, 1875. 20,856."Jay Stewart and Peter Macnair 7-20-2005 identify as mountain sheep horn bowl with abalone inlay.Accession file lists no culture or locality for this object, Swan original # 75. Anthropology catalogue ledger book identifies as Haida. Someone, it appears in error, has added Stikine, Fort Wrangell, Alaska to catalogue card.

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