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From card: "# 72701 (Sash, Stikine Indians) - Illus. in USNM AR 1888; Pl. 18, fig. 72; p. 272." USNM AR for 1888 photo plate caption identifies as "Sash. Of cedar-bark rope worn over the shoulder. Ornamented with gull's down. Stikine Indians, Alaska. Collected by James G. Swan." From 19th or early 20th century exhibit label with card: "Girdle - Rope of twisted cedar bark, dyed red, ends frayed out and lashed together to form a strap, which is worn over shoulder and under opposite arm in dancing ceremonies. Sitka Indians [?? is Sitka a transcription error for Stikine?, Stikine would be more correct for Fort Wrangell], Fort Wrangel. Length of rope, 4 ft. 9 ins. Diam. 1 1/2 ins. Ft. Wrangel, Alaska, 1876. Collected by J. G. Swan." Anthropology catalogue ledger book lists a former number of 20910 for both 72701 and 72702 and says "Reentered to avoid confusion of nos." They are both listed as Sitka Inds. [?? is Sitka a transcription error for Stikine?, Stikine would be more correct for Fort Wrangell], Fort Wrangel, Alaska, collected June 9, 1876. If this former number is correct, these objects would be part of accession 4730, and would have been more likely collected in 1875 and accessioned in 1876. See also remarks for E20910.

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