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Clovis fluted point, obsidian, broken and repaired. Locality: 30-40 yards from bridge crossing Crab Creek at mouth of Crab Creek, south of Beverly. Identified by D.O. Remarks: 2 pieces found together.* Per request by graduate student Brett Lenz (Northern Arizona University, Dept. of Quarternary Studies), this Clovis point was sent to Richard Hughes (Geochemical Research, Portola Valley, CA) for obsidian sourcing, a non-destructive technique. The obsidian closely matches the Horsehead Mountain chemical type, which is found in the area of Little Juniper Mountain in Harney County, OR. (see report in Accn. file) LSP, 11/27/95. *Information is from the original accession ledger.

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Eastern Washington Grant County Middle Columbia North America Pacific Northwest Plateau Washington State Western United States

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Gift of Mr. Donald F. McLarney

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