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FROM CARD: "[Only] ONE HALF SHOWN IN [Anthropology catalogue ledger book] DRAWING."Object has rows of fringe, and painted red and black formline design panels on two borders. Cylindrical red beads on ends of some of fringes.Provenience note: Anthropology catalogue ledger book lists a locality of Alaska for E67931 - 68019. Catalogue cards list a locality of Sitka. Alaska. It is unclear which is correct, though it is probable that the collection was purchased in Sitka.Florence Sheakley and Shirley Kendall, both Tlingit elders, made the following commentsduring the Tlingit Recovering Voices Community Research Visit, March 13-March 24, 2017. This object is a cape that comes from Kagwaantan clan and has an identical wolf crest design on both ends.

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