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Hunter (Ahote) Kachina. Artist Orin Poley. This Kachina appears in the mixed dances and is probably derived from Plains Native Tribes influence. The figure is carved from one piece of cottonwood root. He raises his PR leg and arm. He holds a painted wooden snake in that hand and the snake wraps around to the left side of his head. His PL arm is lowered and holds a bow from which dangle a white feather on each end. The PL leg has a string tie with metal bells tied onto it. He wears a long trailer style war bonnet of feathers carved from wood and panted white with black tips. His entire body is painted blue with black four point stars on his shoulders and chest and the front of his mask. His mask style is rounded with a short snout, teeth showing. His face has black and red triangular designs, goggle eyes and large red ears with narrow feathers thrust through the ears horizontally. He wears a carved wooden simulated hide skirt with a belt with a pouch and a traditional style Hopi sash (carved). He wears carved red and blue boots with red tops. Across his chest is a string bandolier with shells and turquoise beads.

Credit Line

Gift of Edith and Hershel Samuels


O Poley on top of base with the "y" in arrow form

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