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These composite crocodilian-bat figures represent “hunter-heroes.” They carry macanas, or sword-clubs made of shell, and atlatls, or spear throwers. Their tusk-shaped bodies are made of copal, a type of resin, which may have replaced the original bone tusks used in the ornament. This pendant was most likely worn during battle or ceremonial events to demonstrate the strength and power of the wearer.

Estas figuras compuestas cocodrilo-murciélago representan “cazadores-héroes.” Ellos llevan macanas, o garrotes-espada hechos de concha, y atlatls, o propulsores de lanzas. Sus cuerpos en forma de colmillo están hechos de copal, un tipo de resina, la cual puede haber reemplazado a los colmillos de hueso originales utilizados en el ornamento.

Credit Line

By exchange

Item History

  • Made between 900 and 1599

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