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Mask with red felt and a metal strip around the eye holes. This carved wooden mask has a wide forehead and pointed chin, and it is topped by two curved hornlike protrusions. The eye area is covered by a rectangle of red felt, surrounded by a silver-coloured metal border held in place with nails. The eye holes are also outlined with the silver metal. The protruding lips are covered with the same red felt, with a piece of plant fibre nailed to the top. Four teeth of an unknown material can be seen in the mouth. Long straight hair attached to hide surrounds the lower portion of the mask. Small holes have been bored regularly around the edge of the mask. A paper postage stamp is taped to the back inside of the mask, picturing a figure with the same red decoration at eyes and mouth, and inscribed with "040" at top, and “Republique De Guinee” at bottom.

History Of Use

Forces (dü), envisaged as omnipresent, invisible spirits, were the first owners of the land. Still, they long to manifest themselves in physical form to intervene in human affairs, sometimes sending dreams to direct the recipients to carve masks through which they are able to materialize. This horned mask, zacpai, appeared only in the dry season and guarded the cooking fires. Now, however, most Dan masks are used for secular entertainment.

Item History

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